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Solar Power, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, JF Solar Energy


Solar Panels






Solar panels explained

Are you concerned about the impact that solar panel installation could have on your property? There is no need to be with JF Solar Energy helping to make you greener. Whatever the style of your home, our systems are as discreet as any other electrical system on the inside, with only the panels visible on the outside. For even more discretion, solar tiles can even become a part of the roof itself. We can install in-roof, on-roof or ground mounted solar panels.

Solar cells

Thin layers of a semi-conducting material (usually silicon) generate an electric charge from sunlight. Solar cells make up the solar panels and we can supply and install all kinds of panels, including HTA solar panels and Panasonic solar panels which are the most expensive but of the highest standard.

Solar inverter

The solar inverter changes the direct current (DC) fed from the solar cells to the alternating current (AC) of your home electrical supply. At JF Solar Energy we use SMA inverters.

Monitoring/measuring system

You can get instant readings on your solar panel efficiency with a discreet monitoring system from JF Solar Energy.

Consumer unit

An integral part of any electrical system, diverting power to different areas and protecting against fire.

Electrical appliances
Solar electricity is sent to all appliances, powering your home with free, natural energy.

Connection to the utility company

The all-important utility connection, top-up what you produce or feed the National grid with your excess power.


Solar Power, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, JF Solar Energy

Will solar power work for me?

To find out if solar panel installation and renewable energy is for you, contact us to speak to the experts. At JF Solar Energy we will ensure that you get the best possible results from installation to generate as much electricity as possible in your home or business premises.

Do you want to know more about solar PV panels and how they will benefit you? Call 01225 432 402.











Solar Power, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, JF Solar Energy